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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Are you seeking childcare, trying to find Ofsted registered childminders. Or are you looking into childminding as a career?

Are you seeking childcare, trying to find Ofsted registered childminders. Or are you looking into childminding as a career?

Ofsted registered childminders are properly insured, properly first aid trained, thoroughly DBS checked and properly safeguarding trained as it is a mandatory requirement these are done before they can take children on to care for them. 
This is usually done through your local council as it provides the correct procedures. Childminders are early years education providers who follow the curriculum just like nurseries.
All ofsted registered childminders are given an initial inspection by ofsted themselves, and a certificate is not awarded until they are happy that you as a childcare provider have met the requirements.
Authentic Ofsted registered childminders can accept childcare vouchers, and can offer funded hours provided they are level 3 qualified, if someone wont accept childcare vouchers it is possible they may not have their Ofsted number.

For those who are considering childminding it is vital you have your Ofsted number before taking children on as it is a criminal offence to operate claiming or advertising as a childminder without the Ofsted registration number. £2000 fine and 6 months imprisonment is really not worth the risk. neither is the risk of anything happening to the children in your care or any allegations made against you or your family. 
Ofsted are there to protect you and your children as well as keeping high standards of early years providers. 
If you are unsure about anything please contact Ofsted or your local council they will be able to guide you. even childminder support pages such as Pacey for example offer inital visits to go through all the paperwork with you there is really no excuse not to. 
If you are waiting for your Ofsted number there is no harm in chasing this up with Ofsted.
The Oxfordshire Family Information Services which has helpful information from How to become a childminder, to the Local Childminder Directory which has a list of Ofsted Registered Childminders.