Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Resettlement Provision For Early Service Leavers

The Early Service Leaver (ESL) Future Horizons Programme (FHP) exists to support those Regular military personnel discharging from the trained or untrained strength who have completed less than 4 years’ Service and are either discharged compulsorily or at their own request. 

FHP also supports those who are discharged compulsorily at any stage of their career and lose their entitlement to resettlement provision. ESL must opt-in to use the FHP.

The Future Horizons Programme has been developed in response to the recognition and commitment from The Ministry of Defence, to improve resettlement provision to Early Service Leavers (ESLs). The programme is open to ESLs across all the services, regardless of how long you have served or the reasons you have for leaving. The programme has been designed and is delivered by the RFEA, The Forces Employment Charity.

Details of the FHP can be found on the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) website: